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Make sure your injury claim has every chance
of winning the compensation you deserve

Established in 1991, Dorking-based Cordell & Co Solicitors specialise in personal injury and accident claims. You will speak with a personal injury solicitor from day one - at no cost - and we’ll act on your case quickly to get the best results for you.

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One of our many success stories:

Joy Smith was an 84 year old lady, shopping with her daughter in a store in Hertfordshire. Joy’s daughter Sarah walked through two automatic doors. As Joy followed her slowly, the automatic door closed knocking Joy down and causing her to strike her head on the ground.

Unfortunately, Joy sustained an internal bleed in her head and subsequently developed epilepsy. Joy decided to contact us through Yellow Pages, we supported Joy and her daughter in the early stages of the claim when her tests and treatment were underway. We obtained witness statements and presented her claim to the store. We then fought for her claim for over two years until finally the store accepted liability and agreed to compensate.

We recovered £70,000 in damages for Joy to help her cope with the ever present risk of epileptic seizures. Joy accepted our offer to help her under a ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement. Joy was not asked to make any contribution at any stage towards the considerable costs that had to be paid in fighting the claim and at the conclusion of the claim, Joy retained 100% of her £70,000 in damages. Our costs were met by the stores insurers.

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